CSM PartsOur consistent growth has been a direct result of our insistence of quality. Our manufacturing approach includes quality checks in each phase of production, we conduct yet another final inspection once the parts or components are completed. We make positively certain that the parts or components we manufacture meet your expectations. Colorado Screw Machine provides a level of accuracy, precision and quality that you can count on. All products and services provided by CSM shall conform to the requirement specified. We are committed to continually improving all products and services and to maintaining CSM as the quality leader. In order to meet our goals we will pursue the following objectives. 

  • ISO 9001:2015 registered.
  • Provide our customers with only the highest quality and services.
  • Provide those products and services on time in the best possible way.
  • Provide our customers with the best pricing and value for our products/services.
  • Provide totally open communications with our customers.
  • Provide a system of Continuous Quality Improvement.
  • Provide a system of employee involvement, motivation and training.
  • Utilize Statistical Process Control and its techniques in all operations 

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